Behind the Lens

Latashia Martin was born in Boston, MA one early morning in October of 1986. Living there most of her life, she really benefited from the rich artistic history the city had to offer, immersing herself into it as often as she could. Some of her favorite pass times included admiring 17th and 18th century art, drawing, dancing, and reenacting Broadway plays. Shortly after graduating college with a Bachelors degree in Forensic Psychology, Latashia made the decision to return to her artistic roots and use her love of photography in a way that would feature life’s most genuine moments in a new light, hoping to pay tribute to all the things that made her an artist in the first place. From there, in early 2013 Photography by Akili was born.

Akili means wisdom in Swahili. This wisdom gained from many of life’s lessons and experiences is the approach Latashia instills in her artistic technique. Photography for Latashia began as a way of dealing with life’s challenges and obstacles though a means of external reflections. From there it evolved into a passion of evoking desire, inspiration, clarity, understanding, and feelings of warmth. Progressing still, Latashia has grown to carry on her passions while using her art to bring fantasy to life, often times drawing inspiration from the 17th century paintings and ancient antiques she once loved to review.

Coupling Latashia’s fascination with ancient history, modern creative artists continuously force Latashia to re-examine her skillset and push beyond the boundaries she believes she may be capable of. She works to blend the old with the new in a way that will bring forth appreciation for the two worlds. By utilizing rich colors, urban and industrial locations, surreal elements, with the flavor of fashion and beauty Latashia has created an artistic world of pure freedom and control.


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