New Year, New You

March 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

By the Riverside

It’s been a while since I have blogged, partly because I didn’t know what to blog about. 2014 is practically 4 months in now with 8 months still remaining. The good news? I’ve found my mojo, my place of tranquility and artistic peace. About a week or so ago I took a workshop on “Making Money Selling Art”. Through the computer monitor it was as if the host, Ann Rae was telling me to get it together, to get back into the swing of things. In one segment she spoke of a man she met at a conference who had writers block. Long story short the moral was simple, as long as you are not doing what you love you will feel blocked.

2013 was the birth of Photography by Akili and by years end I had accomplished not nearly as much as I had anticipated I would. I suffered a net loss for the year and had no real awareness of where to go next. Had I lost it? Did I jump into starting my own company too quickly? The questions were coming faster than the output of any work and honestly I was lost. When I started this blogs journey I talked about the troubles I was feeling of not having the satisfaction in my photography I had expected.  Luckily for me clarity came quickly after the clock struck midnight announcing the start of a new beginning. It turned out I was focusing on the wrong area of the industry; I was trying to place myself in an atmosphere I thought I loved. However, what I loved about fashion was not translating into my work.  Last month it took another workshop I attended to realize my place was in fine art. The best part about it, I could still incorporate the flavorful elements of fashion that I love.

Writing this post today I can say within the last two weeks I have built a collection of images I am more proud of than any image I captured in my first year. My pad is growing with sketches and ideas; full photo shoots waiting to be morphed into a reality.  My Model Mayhem account will not allow me to post as many casting calls as I would like at one time in order to complete them all, which means I will be at it for a while. Surrealism is a new addition as well that is drawing me out of my comfort zone, challenging me to break out of my creative boundaries.

With every New Year comes the need for evaluation. It’s a time to reflect upon the things we have done, determine the items that worked versus the ones that did not. Evaluate financial obligations, spreadsheets, reporting, marketing plans, and business strategies. In my case social media management, blog frequency, and potentially a company name change.  Finding understanding means so many doors open unexpectedly.  So if I’ve learned only one thing in 2013 it would be that art is a journey with more downs than ups. However, with persistence and passion it will flourish to heights unimaginable. While it may be late, the saying deserves justice anyhow, therefore, to you all, Happy New Year!


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