Photographing Boudoir

November 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

For the next issue of young ‘n Fly Magazine I wrote an article on the impact and goals of photographing a boudoir session. When clients come for a boudoir session, they are looking for an intimate experience. These clients are looking for glamor, sexy, and beauty. Many boudoir clients will be women, although there is a growing trend with men seeking these sessions as well. When these clients leave your studio it can be the experience that changes their self-esteem, changes their confidence in their abilities to be strong and beautiful. In fact it should be the experience that changes them. It should be the experience that they will forever remember. Therefore, when photographing a boudoir session there are certain steps that must be taken. To read the full article be sure to check out

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Recently I had a female client come in for a boudoir session. This particular session was very special for me because she did not realize just how beautiful she was.  During the consultation she continuously expressed the flaws with herself. To her she represented a woman that had blotches on her skin; she didn’t have the right outfits, and was subconscious about her make-up. My responses to her was to find out what she felt she needed to be confident and love her body. Then when it came time to photograph her she brought all of the pieces of jewelry that she felt most resembled the image she wanted to portray, the image she really wanted.

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The poses we chose were those that consisted of her examining herself, fixing her garments as well as those that represented power and strength. In the post process I made sure I accentuated her make-up, really brought out her bone structure, and gave her killer compilation with serious dodge and burn. When she came in to review her images she was truly blown away. When I checked in with my client a few weeks after she picked up her images you could very easily tell the change in confidence she had of herself.  If your client can leave every session you give them with this feeling, as they should, then you are doing your job properly as a photographer.

Boudoir by Latashia Martin


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