Learning from Other Creatives

November 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have been absent from my blog for a few weeks now, and that’s primarily due to the fact that I have been spending so much time reading and watching videos about other creative individuals in the world. Artists like Jeremy Cowart and Erik Johansson really inspire me to push myself far beyond my boundaries. Everyday these artists break the confines of what they could do. Everyday they find inspiration in simple tasks such as walking down the street and seeing an amazing mural. What I have learned over the last few weeks through educating myself about these creatives is that as an artist you can never limit yourself. You can never wake up one morning and think that you have mastered your skills. Every project will bring forth its own challenges; it’s on learning curves and insightful guidance. In order to complete the project you must embrace the challenges and build upon the skillset you currently own in order to effectively complete them.

Channels like TED Talks and Adobe Creative Cloud allow us as artists to expand and grow in ways that we could never have imagined without them. I recently purchased Adobe Creative Cloud and to say that is has been beneficial would be an understatement. With it I feel I have unlocked the doors with a master key and that I can do anything with my artistic abilities. Already I have begun constructing an entire new website (with no code, lol) and figuring out the projects from my portfolio that I would like to share on Behance. As a photographer I’m not very big on Instagram because I use professional equipment and not simply my iPhone. However, with Behance I’m not simply connected with millions of people around the world, I am connected specifically to other artists. Most importantly, I don’t have to email myself the projects to download them on my phone and then upload them to Instagram. Heavy right? Tell me about it.

If you’ve followed along thus far you will know of the hardest things I have struggled with is putting my work into a category.  For many reasons I don’t like categories because I find them to be too confining and exact. None of us no matter our niche works solely in that area. Nevertheless, I do understand that to say I am simply an artist is too broad but why isn’t the category of a photographer good enough? For the sake of SEO and categorization I use the title fashion photographer but I do not feel like photographing fashion every day or on every project. Sometimes I am in the mood of documentary work and other times I am in the mood for manipulations.  The question then becomes can we be all of those things and the simple answer is yes. Regardless of what my site title may read I am an artist and photography is my medium. In my closing I will leave you with a video by Jeremy Cowart that really inspired me in my latest journey.


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