Concluding #PhotoWeekLive

September 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

Last week was a phenomenal week for me, my career as a photographer, and the lives of other photographers that watched along as well. If there were only lesson I took away amongst the many I learned, it would be to find my passion area and never give up. For a long time I have felt my strongest voice has come through the other end of my camera. Today that means more to me than anything. It is about more than taking pictures, it is about more than dressing someone up, posing them, and making them look pretty. It is about the documentation of real life. Whether you photograph fashion or you photograph real estate, or photography documentary projects. Being in the position of a photographer, you have the power to effect change. Sometimes the change may appear small to you and other times it may be a large feeling of accomplishment, for example when you are working for a social change or awareness.

Currently I am working on updating my website and piecing together some documentary work. I have a novel already in progress that will release early next year, but I am planning to release a photography project as well. For 7 years I have been collecting images and holding onto them. Yes, it is nice for me to have them to reflect back on and to see my growth. However, who am I helping by keeping it to myself? In conclusion I have to say thanks to the staff and sponsors of Creative Live and Photo Week. The impact and ignition filled within the majority of us is something that words alone cannot express…but it can be done through the means of our photography!

I still have a few posts left to write up on the more than informative week, but they will be along soon.




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