Glamor Lighting and Posing: Lessons from #PhotoWeekLive

September 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

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We all love to look beautiful, feel beautiful, and have that special boudoir experience. Photographer Lou Freeman took us through posing and lighting in glamor photography. As with Crash at fashion, we could spend all day going over the wealth of information and tips so I will try to keep it as simple yet enlightening as possible.

For starters Lou Freeman is an amazing boudoir photographer. She gave tips and advice on how to get 20 poses in 20 minutes, and then demonstrated it and the technique was flawless. Poses consist of elongation, curves, twists, and engagement. Each pose will however be dependent on the client figure type. There are four body types; the apple, pear, hourglass, and the ruler. Your ruler clients will be the easiest to photography and pose because they can fit into any position and outfit while having it completely compliment their figure.  Now, this is not to say that the other figure types are difficult because they are not, they simply require attention and understanding. No matter what your main goal should always be to photograph your clients in a way that shows their best assets. Lou advises that with extremely curvy women you want to utilize a lot of shadows and incorporating darker colored clothes.

Your client’s fingers should always be relaxed. Their bum should be lifted so that they engage their hips to give them greater definition.  Once the pose is set, then you move to have your client relax so that their face becomes natural and the entire look falls into place becoming their own. Use clothes as a tool to assisting you in creating complimenting angles and poses. You want to create slimming lines, and have your clients engage in doing something, especially when they are posing in bra and pantie set. Most importantly, you want to be conscientious of the terminology you use with your clients in an effort to refrain from being insensitive or cruel. Boudoir is not different from any other form of photography in that you want to aim at capturing an expression and obtaining eye contact. The best part of a boudoir session to remember is to have fun.

How do you light a boudoir session? There are a few different lighting techniques to utilize. You can use natural light with reflectors, you can place lighting up high above the camera and angle down, you can use the split lighting or the sandwich method identified in Lighting: Oh The Possibilities, or you can light the entire room in a playboy style. Each technique provides different levels of shading, definition, and ambiance so it will be critical to determine the look you are going for.

Great boudoir can change the life of any client and you will never know it. People remember their experiences more than anything else. While boudoir is fun, it is also very invasive and touchy. So be mindful of your clients as well as the industry. Allow your clients to leave with an experience they will remember forever.




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