Crash at Fashion: Lesson from #PhotoWeekLive

September 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

fashion photography

fashion photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a fashion photographer for me I think the hardest part about branding myself and growing my business has been breaking away from doing only runway shows. Just recently I began to question if classifying myself as a Fashion Photographer was too limiting and whether or not I needed to change my niche to commercial. The fact is, I really don’t want to photography products and retail. I want to play with vibrant lighting, showcase fashionable looks, and utilize stage make-up. I want to work with designers, boutiques, models, and bands. The Fashion Photography Business Crash Course with Lindsay Adler was just the course I needed to remind me that I was on the right track. Even more important, Lindsay made breaking into fashion seem realistic, easy, and enjoyable.

For the most part fashion is a close knit community which means it will take a lot of creativity and hard work to really get where you want to be, although it is not as hard to enter as it used to be. Nevertheless, the fashion industry encompasses designers, make-up artists, jewelers, and photographers. Therefore, as a fashion photographer you could be hired to photograph anything from hair, clothes, shoes, hair, to make-up. Within the fashion industry the language is different than what you may be used to. There is a whole other set of terminology you must be aware of, which Lindsay happily breaks down for you in her discussion on Fashion terminology.

While the number of available opportunities may be limited depending on your geographical location, working with stylists is a good way to assist you in your efforts to photograph fashion. Throughout the 90-minute lecture Lindsay would always get excited when she talked about creativity. With fashion you have the ability to be as creative as you want, especially when shooting editorials. With editorials you are not going to get paid, but you will gain exposure that could potentially lead to great paid opportunities. At the very least you get a portfolio boost!

Another topic touched on was the necessity to ensure whatever team you will be shooting with is all on the same page by the time shooting starts. Pinterest is a site filled with amazing images and inspiration. You can use avenues such as these to provide your team with so that everyone contributes as well as visually understands what the shoot is aiming for. The best part to this lecture was the discussion on budgeting. There are many components to fashion photography that you can do on a limited if not no budget. I will discuss this further next week when I talk about building a strong portfolio, but it is an idea to keep in mind for now.

I could spend the entire day discussing the wealth of information and understanding Lindsay brought to the world of fashion photography but then none of us would get anything else accomplished. If you have not followed photo week at Creative Live I highly recommend that you tune in for the remaining three days. The entire week is also available for purchase, or you can purchase just Lindsay’s crash course on fashion photography. In it she goes a little deeper into getting published, finding work, getting paid, setting your pricing, and a number of other things. If you saw the course lets definitely share notes!


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