7 Steps to Great Photos: Lessons from #PhotoWeekLive

September 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

210 mm lens, 9.8° × 6.5°

210 mm lens, 9.8° × 6.5° (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all want to take great images right? We entered the photography industry because there was something we wanted to capture in a still image, and most importantly we want to do it right. According to John Greengo there are 7 steps to ensure you are taking great images; subject, point of view, angle of view, exposure, timing, focus, and light. Independently each of these steps provides a different element to an image.

Having a subject is critical in every image, its standard. Exposure sets the tone of the image. It allows us to control other areas such as light, especially if you are to get into using gels and creating other light sources. Your angle is the way you capture your subject, it’s whether you are at lens level, high above, or below your subject. Your point of view is going to be the main element that sets your images apart from other photographers. There is where you let your creative mind flow and really show your capabilities to be exceptional. With point of view you want to capture your images from the best point of view, which will include the background you select, especially when shooting outdoors. John suggests walking around first prior to deciding where you are going to shoot. Your focus is going to consist of your shutter, depth of field, distance from the subject and so forth. The best step, timing. You can snap any image you want but the special ones are the ones that are times just right. It’s the ones with the side smirk that wasn’t expected, it’s the first tear that begins to fall after a runner crosses the finish line. You have to be able to anticipate your subjects to know when the best time to release the shutter will be.

While all of these components are essential when used independently, realistically you can’t used just one. The more steps you can include in your photographs the better you can get them to be. Be inclusive, do not be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Experiment with different sceneries and equipment such as a tripod when applicable.

Career saving tip, if you are shooting with a group of photographers, wherever they all go is where you do not want to be. By the end of that photo shoot all of your images will be of the same angles and composition, most likely with only minor separating elements.


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