Simple Marketing: Lessons from #PhotoWeekLive

September 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

English: This image was created for A Suit Tha...

English: This image was created for A Suit That Fits Ltd. by the branding agency Brandhouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I am sure you can tell, and as I have stated already I am in love with Creative Live’s Photo Week. All of the lectures I have viewed thus far have been instrumental to my understanding and growth as a fashion photographer (see I how I so easily own that now!). 3 Invaluable Marketing Lessons with Sarah Petty was a very fun lecture to participate in. I talked about the power of connections and if you read that post, what I am going to explain to you from Sarah will make that much more sense.

We cannot have a successful business if we are not out there making the necessary connections. However, what about the connections you already have? We all have them. We go to the dentist, doctor’s offices, hair salon or barbershops, grocery stores, PTO meetings, and the list could go on and on. We have bought products from other vendors and connected two people that would benefit from each other’s work. All of these people are our initial entrance passes to our photography businesses.

Sarah’s three lessons?

1. Build your little black book

2. Sample your lobster

3. You don’t need more clients

In building your little black book you are going to continuously add people to your database, house all the information pertinent to them, and place them in to specific categories.  Sample your lobster sounds funny right? Well when you sample your lobster you are essential spreading yourself out and attracting fewer but better clients. Create innovative marketing pieces. Money should not be a factor because there are small things you can design on your own home computer and print out then add on to it from there with various embellishments. In your marketing pieces you want to be different; be bold. Potential clients cannot buy into a brand they know nothing about and that does not appeal to them. Think of eye candy! I don’t need more clients? Yes, I ask myself that same question when Sarah said it. As she explained it, if you learn your present clients enough and have those in depth conversations you will always learn of opportunities to get them back in to your studio. You do not want to pry, but do not be afraid to have conversations that are not business oriented. In doing so you open up avenues of similarities between them and you; in the long run you become a friend and confidant with a relationship that flows both ways.

Most importantly, show your best clients love and always remember how important it is to make great first impressions. There is so much more you can learn from Sarah on how to be creative so I highly recommend you check out some of her partners such as Marathon Press and White house Custom Color. Be creative!


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