Self Publishing: Lessons from #PhotoWeekLive

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It is one of my aspirations in my career to publish my work. Not all of it pertains to photography because I do have a few nonfiction pieces as well; however, what is interesting in today’s time is the dynamics of becoming a published author. Evolution is the concept of change over time. At one point in order to become published meant you had to have an agent and go through a publishing powerhouse. Today, it very easy to become a self-published author, which is very likely the track I will go.Social media is partly responsible for this shift in book publishing dynamics. Through it we are capable of connecting with people all around the world with various interest and perceptions. Some individuals have fans in countries they have never been too and business associates in states whom they have never met. In Self-Publishing with Dan Milnor we talked about this phenomenon in relation to the company Blurb.

Blurb is a publishing powerhouse that offers a number of publishing formats which include still photographs, audio, physical books, magazines, ebooks, and rich media books. The cost is relatively low and easy for publishers just starting out. Also, Blurb is a print on demand hub which allows authors to avoid the up-front cost of printing books they may or may not need. A neat component to Blurb is the accompaniment of PDF’s with the purchase of a print method. Dan advises authors want to utilize PDF’s because they allow you to embed anything and are accessible across every medium regardless of phone, internet access, or physical platform requirement’s. As if all of that were not enough, Blurb takes it even further. Their iPhone app allows you to create videos and books directly from your phone and publish them directly into your network or blurb community. Lastly, all publishers are automatically given an author page where they can see all of their published books as well as control the permissions and accessibility of each published item.

Through the information I have given you here along with my own mini research of the Blurb website, I can definitely say I will be doing a lot of work with Blurb in the next 3 months. You guys know I am famous for my mini projects and the self-publishing avenue allows me to see what these projects in real print form as well as pass them around as examples of my material. For a task once so complex, achieving my goal of becoming a published author is more accessible now more than ever. If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend you run over to Blurb and create your profile. I already have!


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