Photo Week at Creative Live

September 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of ph...

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week marks photo week at creative live. As you should be able to imagine I am beyond ecstatic. Photography is my life; I hope to wake up one morning (relatively soon) to have my life be consumed with nothing but my photography. If you have followed my blog since it started you would know that Creative Live has been an integral part to my growth as a photographer. I have learned about pricing, posing, lighting, packaging, and everything else you can think of; so when they announced photo week I got goose bumps.For 6 six days there will be more courses than you will know what to do with. Instructors will go over things such as lighting, shooting what you love, portrait and commercial, and wedding and family. Throughout the week there will be a number of courses I find to be important to the further expansion of my growth. To give you some idea, my viewing schedule is as follows


9:00a     Your passion is a full time job with Kyle Johnson

10:45a   The Documentary Portrait with Dan Milnor

1:00p     Self-Publishing with Blurb with Dan Milnor

2:45p     The 90 minute Road Map to Commercial Photography with Erik Almas


9:00a     Setting up your Photography Business with Craig Heiderman

10:45a   7 Steps to Great Photos with John Greengo

1:00p     Fashion Photography Business Crash Course with Lindsay Adler

2:45p     Rock and Roll Photography with Mike Corrado


9:00a     Modern Glamor Lighting with Lou Freeman

10:45a   Shape Shift Posing Techniques for Glamor Photography with Lou Freeman

1:00p     Documentary Storytelling & Photojournalism with Deanne Fitzmaurice

2:45p     Real Estate Photography with Marc and Tiffany Angeles


9:00a     iPhoneography with Sally Cox

10:45a   Editorial and Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani

1:00p     There is a toss-up between Anatomy of an Epic Photograph and Create the Images you Imagine which I will need to determine at the moment

2:45p     Outdoor Photography: Using Available Light with Andy Katz


9:00a     Working with Modeling Agencies with Charles Lucima

10:45a   High Fashion, Low Budget with Elle Muliarchyk

1:00p     Crazy Stupid Posing with Scott Robert Lim

2:45p     Breaking into Lifestyle and Adventure Sports Photography with Lucas Gilman


9:00a     SEO for Photographers with Matt Hill

10:45a   Night Photography : No Light? No Problem with Matt Hill

1:00p     Overcome the Seven Deadly Sin Sales with Jason Aten

2:45p     Extreme Website Makeover with Blair deLaubenfels ad Christy Weber


Make sure you tune in and create your own schedule. To get a list of the remaining courses click here. I will be blogging about my daily courses, and this will probably be the most you have witnessed me blog in a single week. Nevertheless, I am committing myself to do it so be sure to check in daily.


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