Dilemma of the Art

September 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Occasionally I find myself in what I like to call the “zone”. It’s when I’m spaced out in total thought wondering about all the decisions I’ve made, photography included. Along our many journeys in life we set parameters on which to measure our success. But what happens when life takes you outside the realms of those parameters? Assessing your position becomes that much more difficult. I had one of these “zone” weekends recently, and in it I thought about how to integrate my photography with more things that reflect the ideals I hold about myself. Here, I talk about the top three that kept coming up.

Criminal Justice
There are many ways to enter the photography industry. Some hold a professional degree in it, some are self taught, and others learn through internships or work as second shooters. I gained my experience through the self taught an second shooter approach. In fact, my degree background had absolutely nothing to do with photography. My degree is I’m Criminal Justice and the application of Forensic Psychology. Nevertheless, I am a strong follower of the justice system. At any given point in time you can find me intrigued by a criminally based television show such as Criminal Minds or Numbers. For me, I think it’s more about the analytical approach to a solution.

You can go into any judicial institution and find amazing artists. Why some of these offenders chose a life of crime instead of a life of art is a discussion for another day, and possibly another blog, but the fact still remains. How do you bring art to hold a prominent position in the nations penal system? It seems only right when you have the talent there slowly wasting away.

I’m a firm believer that politics, no matter how corrupt it may be at variable times is the dictator of all human interaction. It’s the law of the land, the rule book to what is or is not socially allowed. I remember when the No to Question 8 movement sprang in California and how photography assisted in that movement. I don’t mean from a photo journalistic perspective either, I mean from individually scheduled photo shoots. It seems every individual proclaiming their stance on the issue has a photograph with noq8 painted somewhere on their body. This is empowering, encouraging, and taking the issue head on. But for those of us that did not come up with this brilliant idea, how do you bring your love of politics into your photography? I haven’t found a way yet, but that is where innovation comes in.

I have labeled the nerd of my family for as long as I can remember. In middle school I would a book a day for no apparent reason other than to read. I still read today, although me genre has changed slightly. Now I read about socioeconomic issues, ancient Egypt, and anthropology. The world we live in is far more fascinating than many people realize.

How do you bring history into photography? If the three, this one seems the easiest to figure out how to do. It was through examining the works of early photographers that developed my love for it. Vintage always takes a round as the new with a twist. Particularly in fashion this is easy to capture. Maybe I will have a new project in my future, who knows.


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