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August 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

RadioShack sells Maker Faire tickets!

RadioShack sells Maker Faire tickets! (Photo credit: Bekathwia)

Ok, it is no rude awakening that when you first launch a photography business you are broke. To be completely honest I started my company Photography by Akili five months ago come Sunday and I count the number of paid jobs I have had on one hand. Ask me to count the number of free jobs and that is a response for a whole other blog post (although I did touch on it briefly in “Free Does Not Always Mean Free“). The point of bringing up this hard reality is because with article interviews scheduled for Young ‘n Fly Magazine I wanted to be able to move away from taking hand notes during my interviews. Thinking, at what seemed logical at the time, I made a trip to RadioShack and browsed the wall of digital recorders. After settling on a 2GB recorder that came with a case and USB cord for computer uploads I proceeded to the check out counter (mind you I only had a limited amount of money in my pocket). First, I think it is important to state that the price tag on the rack stated $29.99. So I’m at the checkout and the cashier says “you’re total wall be $63.99″…pump the breaks, what? I said “sorry but the price tag on the rack said $29.99”. After walking to the examine the rack the men proceeded to say “I’m sorry but that was the wrong tag, your total will be $63.99”. Looking in my wallet, even though I knew exactly how much I had and frustrated that I was standing at the counter making a decision between buying a digital recorder or ensuring I can get to my day job for the rest of the week, I finally told the cashier I will have to come back later in the week. I leave RadioShack and begin my journey back to the day job I cannot wait to quit, when I had an “ah ha, I am so stupid” moment. I have a freaking iPhone and it comes with a voice memos program! Of course you know I was no longer mad at the issue of the mixed up price tags, but angry at myself for making the walk without thinking of it first. Had I decided on the recorder instead of getting to work I would have wasted money yet again. The point is, sometimes we can afford the sacrifice. My advice, contemplate on your purchases for 24 hours so that when you go back tothe store or website you are absolutely sure the purchase you are about to make is something your photography business cannot survive without. In 24 hours, you just might find a suitable and more cost effective alternative.


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