Who Said Photography Had To Stop With Taking Pictures?

August 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

diy product photography setup

diy product photography setup (Photo credit: Steve A Johnson)

In life the worst thing you can do is limit yourself. Every time people think of photography the first thing that comes to mind is taking pictures. Personally, I never want to be confined to doing what people expect me to do or only doing what they say I am capable of doing. Even growing up I made my own rules and I bring that with me to my photography business. Yes, my business is based on photography but my abilities extend far beyond that. One promise I made to myself when I started Photography by Akili, was that no matter what happened I would use the opportunity to build an empire.

Staying true to my promise I started Young ‘n Fly Magazine, it’s first issue is scheduled for October 1, 2013. Over the last few weeks I have put my blood and tears into it while shamelessly neglecting the photography side of the business, but its all worth it. Now, I could have created any kind of magazine in the world but I didn’t want any kind of magazine. I wanted one that fell in line with my beliefs and current business model, one that would be dedicated to art and empowerment in the local and national community. Just creating a magazine that showed image after image that I had taken would have been expected, and really would not have gotten me any closer to where I want to be. But through Young ‘n Fly Magazine I am able to say there is so much more to Photography by Akili. I am able to give back to my community through highlighting others that are making prominent steps through the arts. This experience has been beyond rewarding, in many ways I had never expected. I don’t allow the magazine to overpower my photography but at the same time I don’t let the fact that I have a photography company determine the path my business and career will take.

To do what I have done takes courage. It’s takes an understanding of your limitations as well as how far you are willing to exceed those limitations for the greater good. Expanding takes dedication because trust me the road is no where near easy or comfortable. But through building relationships and understanding free doesn’t always mean free, you can soar to heights not even you imagined.


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