Remain Motivated

August 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Photography books that have helped.

Photography books that have helped. (Photo credit: Greh Fox)

Initially I had not planned on writing a blog post for today but a situation that took place this morning changed all of that. I realize this road will not always be easy, as I’m sure some of you have as well. But what do you do when that road gets bumpy, when you question your motives for going into photography, and your inner circle is anything but supportive? This morning, a friend of mine (which I am heavily considering eliminating from my inner circle) asked why I would want to do a runway show this Sunday if it was not paying. For one, since when do press passes come paid? This clearly being pointer number one that this friend has no idea what a press pass or a personalized invitation means. Now paying is good. It covers the bills, puts food on the table for your family, and it allows you to purchase new equipment to keep your business thriving and up to date with the current trends of the industry. However, when my run is done I do not want to be known for the money I made, the prices I charged, or the opportunities I passed on. I want to be known for the good that I contributed through having my own photography business. I want to be known for my innovative ideas and inspirational attitude. Sometimes as photographers the exposure and caliber attendees the event will allow you to network with is more payment than any monetary value you would typically charge. In order to get ahead, you have to learn to give back. Not everything in life can be done with a hand out waiting for pay back or reciprocity. Generosity and authenticity will be remembered far longer than a check that was written for accounting purposes. Therefore, what I say to this friend and all of yours giving nothing but negativity, if you cannot be supportive and encouraging than maybe you should step to the side. I say that because at the end of the day we are to use their negativity to motivate us to work that much harder, obviously we are doing something right.

Remain Motivated




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