Photo Diary: Week 5

July 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

Over the past week I have learned a lot and made some developments through my own personal growth within myself and in my company. As I have stated in previous posts I try to learn as much as possible whenever I can, and this week I worked on this some more. Lately, I seem to talk a lot about my challenges and I do apologize if this is cumbersome for some of you, but it is my real life experiences and out there somewhere, someone will be able to benefit from it. Nonetheless, rarely do I get out and experience with my camera outside of work like I should. I think of how people will look at me, what they will think, if they will be angry that I capture a portion of their physique in my images, and so forth. So I typically do shy away from it. A while back I joined a photography group in my area. They go out from time to time, at night mostly, and take pictures. As of yet I still have not gone because of these negative reactions I have within myself. So this week, after a class I had with Salvatore Cincotta  on Creative Live (which I will be talking about in a later post) I decided to push myself into an uncomfortable area that I normally would not go out and do, just like Sal talked about.

Therefore, the image I chose for this weeks diary is one from my outing Friday night.

The first image I captured while stepping outside of my comfort zone

The first image I captured while stepping outside of my comfort zone

Overall, I am very satisfied with this image. I love the boldness of the clouds, the combination of highlights, shadows, and minimal use of color. One thing I would have like to do is remove more of the highlights from the streets signs, although I could not figure out exactly how to get it out. The three ways I tried to o it didn’t work as you can see. I am going all the way out on the limb and outside of my comfort zone by sharing this random photo that I normally would not have taken with you, so I sincerely hope you all really appreciate it, enjoy it, and as always I cannot wait to read your feedback.

ISO: 800, Lens zoomed at 47mm, f/32, shutter 1/80 sec


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