Photo Diary: Week 4

July 23, 2013 § 1 Comment

Mo and myself at the 2013 PCI Miss Asian America Pageant in Rockville, MD

Mo and myself at the 2013 PCI Miss Asian America Pageant in Rockville, MD

For about a month now I have been blogging about my weekly images, even though I know I have forgotten a week here and there which actually equates to more than a month I guess, but you guys get my point. This week I wanted to take a step back away from myself and show you guys an image someone else took. Looking at the image you probably realize the image is of myself instead of by me but I am going to explain why.  This image is of Miss Maryland 2014 contestant Modupe Koredo and myself at the first round of the 2013 PCI Miss Asian American Pageant. If you are subscribed to my newsletter than you know a little bit more about Mo than what I am going to explain here. But anyway, I had brought Mo to work with me at this pageant primarily because the Miss Maryland competition will be her first attempt at the pageant world. I wanted her to have the opportunity to see a pageant take place in real time, how the contestants move around and carry themselves. What actually happened was something greater than what I anticipated. Here I was in the presence of this amazing young girl who went out on the edge in applying only to get a call saying she was chosen to move forward. Mo was so happy and got so much information from the PCI pageant that all she could do was thank me over and over again for bringing her along and allowing her to network. What I really wanted to tell her, which I eventually did was thank you for accompanying me. She brought so much energy, excitement, and grace to my vendor table that I found myself that much more comfortable speaking with the many people walking by. What I want you to get from this image and story is that sometimes it is ok to remove yourself from being behind the camera to allow someone else a try. What you will find sometimes is the opportunity for you to learn something new as I did from Mo.  This new thing could be something you thought you would forever be afraid to get into, or in the rare case something you thought you had already mastered. Maybe this isn’t something for you to try today, or even tomorrow. However, I recommend if you want to be powerful in your photography and find a way to give back to community involved in what you love, trade places for just a minute to see what is being experienced on the other side.


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