Things are Never What They Seem

July 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a wh...

Skyline of Boston. Picture was taken from a whale watching ferry that left from the aquarium dock. It is the Eastern side of the Boston peninsula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In putting together and working on the final touches for my Tribute to Boston publication, i have learned the value of hard work in a new and meaningful way. By no means did I think it would be easy, however, at the same time I did not realize just how hard it would be. Against, my original plans I began searching for my talent (models, space/locations, vocal artists, dance crews, fashion designers, etc.) ahead of schedule. Despite this, I have not had the flow of response I expected. For a few days now it made no sense. People have the opportunity to be featured in a publication going out to individuals across the United States, and in a way showing their representation and love for their city. The best part, they don’t have to pay a thing. So the question now is, what can I change to get the influx in responses I desire, what do I need to be able to lock this project in and watch it evolve? The answer, more work and advertising.

I’ve said it in at least two different posts thus far, running a business is hard work. However, I have been taking advice from seasoned pros; I have kept my eyes on the prize and remembered why I do what it is I do, because I love it. As a photographer, I think mentally we expect it to be different than running a retail store or restaurant. We think of it as being more complex, or requiring non-conventional methods. Neither of those mentalities are true. A business is a business no matter what the product you are selling. At the end of the day it is about you, how you market yourself, how you relate to your clients, and the ways you go about building a relationship with your customers. For all of you out there working on that special project that means everything to you, for all of you debating over whether or not you should start your own business or pursue that dream that has been sitting in the back of your head, my advice is to go for it. Whatever fears you may have, multiply that by ten so that you have a real sense of how it will be. However, no matter what you do, do not give up. Do not let the distractions or frustrations of things not going the way you planned get in your way. Success is always at the road of hard work. We are in it for the long haul together!

Boston, I am still invading your city next month. As a result of my success as a photographer it is only right that I pay tribute to where it all started. No matter where life takes me, I will always love my hometown!



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