Photo Diary: Week 1

June 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

One image from the upcoming project This is the Inner City

In giving it much thought, I’ve decided to start a photo diary and I hope you all will enjoy it. Every Tuesday I will post a picture from my collection and explain what it means to me, why I took, or whatever that image makes me feel at that moment. Even more of a treat, these will be images that are outside of my niche. For day 1 I have chosen an image I have named Dim. It’s split tone highlights all of the things I wish to capture. My favorite part of the split tone being the use of color in the image. If you refer to my previous post you Lighting: Oh the Possibilities you will learn of some of the benefits and uses of lighting.

But anyway, when I look at this image I see pain. I see a city plagued by turmoil and misjudgment. I see a street fighting to push its way out of the shadows. But most of all I see a story. One that is hidden and not acknowledged as being relevant. Every object in every city carries some story, some place in this world we call home. The street light is trying to help the street sign, it’s trying to show everyone First St is here and it has something to say. What can we learn from the streets in our neighborhoods?

Not only what can we learn about that street but what can we learn about ourselves and our ancestors? That is the benefit and joy of photography, being able to capture a story that at first glance may not appear to be there. However, when you peel back the layer and begin looking at the core you see an abundance of information, an abundance of rejoice that had become hidden with time. You get a chance to reconnect, to revive. I love this image because for me it represents why I love photography.

I love the things you can find at the core of every subject. I love being able to bring relaxation and appreciation for poses and behaviors thought to be unfavorable. People walk past this very intersection every day and rarely stop to see what I saw on this particular morning. It was a special moment of joy that I still remember even though I took this picture over a year ago.  It is a moment that I have now shared with you.






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