Mastering Social Media

June 1, 2013 § 2 Comments

Social Media Outposts

Social Media Outposts (Photo credit: the tartanpodcast)

In my post Business is a Fulltime Struggle, I started ot discuss some of the issues in running a successful business, in my case a photography business. Everywhere you turn these days you here about the importance of social media. My confession, I do not understand it to save my life. What do you talk about? Who do you direct it to? How often to you socialize? Do you post the same content on all of your sites? Now, I have the followers what do I do with them? And the questions go on and on and on. At times I feel as though I am the only one struggling with the idea of successfully using social media, but when I walked through the library the other day and saw the barrage of books specifically geared toward social media, I realized maybe I am not the only one in the dark. When you set up your account the first thing you think you have to do are gain followers. Then once you have them it becomes a matter of entertaining them, keeping them, and growing your base even more. Unless you are a celebrity or repeat published photographer it can be very hard to gain that base. Well, I challenge you to ask yourself it is really the number in your bases that is important or is it the importance of who is in your base and how they fall in line with what you are trying to accomplish?  You don’t have to follow everyone that follows you. Just as well you do not have to follow everyone you find an interest in. Create a list and put those people that you are unsure of in there. Place all the people that have commonalities in another list and so forth. Investigate you base and who you follow on social media just as much as you investigate and pay attention to your career and technique as a photographer. Don’t feel compelled to post all the time to your feed, respond to other peoples inquiries and quests for advice. Compliment others. Once you build your presence online the followers will come and it will be at that point that you are able to easily recognize who belongs in your immediate base and who will fit better in a list.

In this post I want all of us to exchange the uses and benefits we have experienced with social media. If you have ideas for those that are just starting out I’m sure they would love to hear about them.


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