Lighting: Oh the Possibilities

May 16, 2013 § 4 Comments

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Earlier this week I took a workshop called ‘Crazy Stupid Light’ with Scott Robert, a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in flash photography. He uses light in a wide realm of creative measures. To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. At no point in your career, whether you are a beginner or a pro can you say you know everything. Learning is an integral part of your growth and not only in photography but in life overall. In Scott’s workshop you learned that light is not what you think it is. Now, that may sound crazy (hence the first word of workshop, go figure!) but I know you’re thinking ‘light is exactly what I think it is, it brightens a room, it allows me to see…” and yes it does all of those things, but it also does so much more. 

Through this 3 day workshop we covered everything from the Sunny 16 Rule, the inverse square law, the sandwich technique, the big light rule, and the perfect combination of gels. As a bonus there was a little exploration into the perfect way to pose to capture amazing highlights and shadows. The workshop closed up with real life photographing to put what everyone learned into perspective, a testing of the skills.

When you learn to use light creatively you can simulate your own situations, your own backgrounds and visual perceptions. With the proper use of lighting (and accurate camera settings of course) you can make a dark room appear to be bright and vibrant. You can make an outside beach scene in the middle of the afternoon appear as a red enriched sun set that is contrasting on the ocean. With lighting you can control every aspect of every event you will ever photograph. Most importantly you can make it look how you want it to look, your own personalized signature of color. This workshop made you realize, even the natural light photographers, that lighting is not an aspect to be afraid of, rather it should be embraced as often as possible.

As a photographer of fashion and beauty I know the direction I want to take my business. I know what captures my eye visually which is very important. In order to create your own signature you must know what excites you. In photographing fashion and beauty I often strive for that perfect commercial look and through Scott’s workshop I was able to learn ways I could enhance my current technique to make that look more realistic and believable. But maybe vibrant colors and excessive lighting is not your thing. Maybe you prefer images that are more subtle and relaxing and that is perfectly fine. That is what separates each of us into our own category and allows the industry as a whole to appeal to every creative artists and art lover out there. Nonetheless, whatever your technique and preference I highly recommend that you all purchase this workshop because I can guarantee there will be something for you to learn.

To purchase “Crazy Stupid Light” you can visit Creative Live and with your purchase comes an amazing bonus full color PDF containing many of Scott’s techniques, tips, and tricks.


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