New Year, New You

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By the Riverside

It’s been a while since I have blogged, partly because I didn’t know what to blog about. 2014 is practically 4 months in now with 8 months still remaining. The good news? I’ve found my mojo, my place of tranquility and artistic peace. About a week or so ago I took a workshop on “Making Money Selling Art”. Through the computer monitor it was as if the host, Ann Rae was telling me to get it together, to get back into the swing of things. In one segment she spoke of a man she met at a conference who had writers block. Long story short the moral was simple, as long as you are not doing what you love you will feel blocked.

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Photographing Boudoir

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For the next issue of young ‘n Fly Magazine I wrote an article on the impact and goals of photographing a boudoir session. When clients come for a boudoir session, they are looking for an intimate experience. These clients are looking for glamor, sexy, and beauty. Many boudoir clients will be women, although there is a growing trend with men seeking these sessions as well. When these clients leave your studio it can be the experience that changes their self-esteem, changes their confidence in their abilities to be strong and beautiful. In fact it should be the experience that changes them. It should be the experience that they will forever remember. Therefore, when photographing a boudoir session there are certain steps that must be taken. To read the full article be sure to check out

Modupe K-303-Edit

Recently I had a female client come in for a boudoir session. This particular session was very special for me because she did not realize just how beautiful she was.  During the consultation she continuously expressed the flaws with herself. To her she represented a woman that had blotches on her skin; she didn’t have the right outfits, and was subconscious about her make-up. My responses to her was to find out what she felt she needed to be confident and love her body. Then when it came time to photograph her she brought all of the pieces of jewelry that she felt most resembled the image she wanted to portray, the image she really wanted.

Modupe K-384-Edit

The poses we chose were those that consisted of her examining herself, fixing her garments as well as those that represented power and strength. In the post process I made sure I accentuated her make-up, really brought out her bone structure, and gave her killer compilation with serious dodge and burn. When she came in to review her images she was truly blown away. When I checked in with my client a few weeks after she picked up her images you could very easily tell the change in confidence she had of herself.  If your client can leave every session you give them with this feeling, as they should, then you are doing your job properly as a photographer.

Boudoir by Latashia Martin

Learning from Other Creatives

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I have been absent from my blog for a few weeks now, and that’s primarily due to the fact that I have been spending so much time reading and watching videos about other creative individuals in the world. Artists like Jeremy Cowart and Erik Johansson really inspire me to push myself far beyond my boundaries. Everyday these artists break the confines of what they could do. Everyday they find inspiration in simple tasks such as walking down the street and seeing an amazing mural. What I have learned over the last few weeks through educating myself about these creatives is that as an artist you can never limit yourself. You can never wake up one morning and think that you have mastered your skills. Every project will bring forth its own challenges; it’s on learning curves and insightful guidance. In order to complete the project you must embrace the challenges and build upon the skillset you currently own in order to effectively complete them.

Channels like TED Talks and Adobe Creative Cloud allow us as artists to expand and grow in ways that we could never have imagined without them. I recently purchased Adobe Creative Cloud and to say that is has been beneficial would be an understatement. With it I feel I have unlocked the doors with a master key and that I can do anything with my artistic abilities. Already I have begun constructing an entire new website (with no code, lol) and figuring out the projects from my portfolio that I would like to share on Behance. As a photographer I’m not very big on Instagram because I use professional equipment and not simply my iPhone. However, with Behance I’m not simply connected with millions of people around the world, I am connected specifically to other artists. Most importantly, I don’t have to email myself the projects to download them on my phone and then upload them to Instagram. Heavy right? Tell me about it.

If you’ve followed along thus far you will know of the hardest things I have struggled with is putting my work into a category.  For many reasons I don’t like categories because I find them to be too confining and exact. None of us no matter our niche works solely in that area. Nevertheless, I do understand that to say I am simply an artist is too broad but why isn’t the category of a photographer good enough? For the sake of SEO and categorization I use the title fashion photographer but I do not feel like photographing fashion every day or on every project. Sometimes I am in the mood of documentary work and other times I am in the mood for manipulations.  The question then becomes can we be all of those things and the simple answer is yes. Regardless of what my site title may read I am an artist and photography is my medium. In my closing I will leave you with a video by Jeremy Cowart that really inspired me in my latest journey.

Miranda Kerr for ELLE Japan December 2013

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ELLE Japan December 2013 issue :

Model : Miranda Kerr
Photographer : Chris Colls
Stylist : Dianna Lunt
Hair : David Keough
Make-Up : Rose-Marie Swift

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Showcase Your Skills With Behind the Scenes Footage

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The world of photography is changing shape. All too often we go out and conduct our shoot, many times solo. However, there is a growing trend of having behind the scenes footage taken even on relatively small shoots. Does this mean you have to hire a professional videography company? Of course not, we need to remain as financially viable as possible. However, that does not mean creating video is not possible. Here are a few steps to help you incorporate and showcase your photography from behind the use

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Is everyone a photographer? – Garance Doré

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English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the post on The Power of Connection, I touch briefly on the social media sites I find to work the best for me. Pinterest is a growing information sharing site that uses images as its medium. From what I hear it is apparently a great outlet for rising businesses that is being scarcely used. Like many other business owners, initially I could not find a way to make Pinterest work for me, or a way to incorporate it into my already exhibiting social media platforms. All of that changed this weekend. In case you hadn’t realized by now, I like to work on a number of projects at any given time. My inspiration and creativity stems from so many sources it is hard to contain my brain at times. Nevertheless, I have found a way to utilize Pinterest to my creative benefit. 

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Building a Strong Portfolio

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Craigslist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the greatest barriers for newbie photographers is the lack of a strong portfolio. In the first segment of the Free Doesn’t Always Mean Free series I talked about how there is a benefit to doing events where you merely turn over the images, how there is the opportunity to network. In this segment I am going to explain how you can apply this same philosophy to build your portfolio. Last week I tuned into a fashion crash course taught by Lindsay Adler and the information she offered on this topic was more than beneficial.

No matter your photography niche there are others in the beauty and photography industry that need to build their portfolios as well. If you live in major cities such as DC, New York, Chicago, or L.A. you can find any number of schools with full access to up and coming industry students as well as people moving into the city looking to make it big. There are modeling agencies you can reach out to; fashion and portrait photographer Lindsay Adler suggests requesting their “new faces“.

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Concluding #PhotoWeekLive

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Last week was a phenomenal week for me, my career as a photographer, and the lives of other photographers that watched along as well. If there were only lesson I took away amongst the many I learned, it would be to find my passion area and never give up. For a long time I have felt my strongest voice has come through the other end of my camera. Today that means more to me than anything. It is about more than taking pictures, it is about more than dressing someone up, posing them, and making them look pretty. It is about the documentation of real life. Whether you photograph fashion or you photograph real estate, or photography documentary projects. Being in the position of a photographer, you have the power to effect change. Sometimes the change may appear small to you and other times it may be a large feeling of accomplishment, for example when you are working for a social change or awareness.

Currently I am working on updating my website and piecing together some documentary work. I have a novel already in progress that will release early next year, but I am planning to release a photography project as well. For 7 years I have been collecting images and holding onto them. Yes, it is nice for me to have them to reflect back on and to see my growth. However, who am I helping by keeping it to myself? In conclusion I have to say thanks to the staff and sponsors of Creative Live and Photo Week. The impact and ignition filled within the majority of us is something that words alone cannot express…but it can be done through the means of our photography!

I still have a few posts left to write up on the more than informative week, but they will be along soon.



Creating Epic Photography: Lessons from #PhotoWeekLive

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Epic (Borknagar album)

Epic (Borknagar album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As photographers we always want that epic image. It’s the image that will stand out from the crowd, set in motion our legacy, and capture our clients in awe. Well, what is an epic image? How can we produce and aim for the image that will encompass all the aspects we seek? According to photographer Benjamin Von Wong, whom I have grown to admire, an epic image is one that examines a story and then excels to make that story better through imagery. It does not matter the niche of photography you fall in because all photographers are engaged in creating epic images. Seme of Von Wong’s favorites included Jason Lee. Jim Greenberg, Quin Miller, Seth Casteel, Joey L., Matt Malloy, and Martin Kilmas. For me I can add to this list Scott Robert Lim from L.A. All of these photographers, today known by many, started their careers with many mistakes and an agenda of having the ability to shoot photographs.

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